Failing Theory Test

Failing Theory Test. And Now What Could I Do?

The current pass rate for the theory exam is worse than it has been in almost a decade, with more than failing theory test rate. So, if you don't pass the first time, don't worry; you'll have plenty more chances in the future. There is no limit to how many times you may take your driver's test.

December 27, 2021

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“Ahhh, I keep failing my theory test what can I do?” Many people misjudge them, and just a few people love them. The written exam (which is now completely done on a computer) that serves as the first step toward obtaining a driver’s license has stumped more than a few unwary students. In fact, according to recent research, the current pass rate for the theory exam is worse than it has been in almost a decade, with more than a failing theory test rate.

Do not despair if you find yourself on an already overcrowded boat! While it’s true that the theory exam isn’t easy, it’s also true that with enough preparation and effort, you can get that pass certificate.

We realize that you may be disheartened right now and that it may not feel as simple as simply trying again. But it’s true! We’ll walk you through the actions you’ll need to take to refocus your thinking and prepare to ace the test the second time around. Reflect, rewrite, and rally those brain cells in preparation for a perfect score!

Let’s get started with our Theory Test Practice to equip yourself with full of knowledge as well as skills to be confident in obtaining your license.

Failing Theory Test

How many do you have to get to pass the theory test?

The theory test consists of two sections: multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception test, as you may know. (We won’t go into depth about what each part comprises because we’re assuming you’ve previously completed it; if you need a reminder, see our theory exam overview.) To pass, you must score at least 43/50 on the multiple-choice section and 44/75 on the hazard perception section.

Those pass scores may appear to be a low bar to overcome, but the theory test is infamous for being more difficult than many people believe. Plus, it just takes a few marks in one of the parts to get a fail. In fact, because the exam’s format has changed so much in recent years (with the inclusion of the hazard perception part and additional questions), just 43% of current drivers believe they would pass if forced to take the theory test today.

However, don’t flee for the hills just yet! We know exactly what you’ll need to get back on your feet. Let’s start with how you felt when you failed…

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Why do so many people fail theory tests?

We know it’s cliche, but failing to plan is planning to fail.

Do you know how deep a tire’s thread should be?

Do you know how far a car traveling at 50 mph must stop?

It’s possible that not understanding this material will result in a failed Theory Test, so make sure it’s not you! Many students believe they can just ‘blag’ the theory using common sense, regarding it as a minor stumbling block on their route to scheduling their practical test. But, as you’ve learned, it’s not that simple! The Theory Test is crucial in ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge to drive safely. So remember everything you learned on your last test and prepare thoroughly for the retake.

How long does it take to pass a theory test?

Those who are new to the driving exam sometimes ask about the average number of attempts required to pass the test in the United Kingdom. The sharpest drivers, on the other hand, may pass the exam on the first try. They are, nevertheless, a small group. A large percentage of aspiring drivers pass the exam on their second or third attempt. Most normal drivers, on the other hand, pass on their fifth attempt.

However, some people required as many as six to twelve tries to pass the test. As previously stated, there is no time limit for taking the test. So, after you’ve reached the minimum age requirement, you can try your hand as many times as you like.

Every year, around 1.6 million people in the United Kingdom take their driving test. The success percentage for the practical test is 43%, while the pass rate for the theory test is 51.6 percent. Because the theory exam does not actually challenge them on the road, learners find it simpler to perform well on it. Because of their nervousness and panic, the majority of students fail practical tests.

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Failing Theory Test

How do I get confidence after failing a theory test?

It’s simple for us to encourage you to believe in yourself and try again, but it may not feel real right now. When you fail at anything, it might make you feel bad about yourself and make you hesitant to try again. Allow yourself some time to experience these emotions, even if it seems unusual. This isn’t a Shakespearean tragedy, therefore we’re talking about hours rather than days when we say time. When you return from your exam, if the circumstances allow, spend some time off and do something that has nothing to do with driving.

The more you get involved in other activities, the more you’ll realize that one failed theory test isn’t such a huge issue. You’ll be able to brush yourself off and start thinking about round two once you accept this.

When it comes to round two, you’ll need to do more than just think—you’ll need to act! Yes, it is critical to schedule another exam as soon as possible, because we all know how long the DVSA wait periods are! In addition, if you’re lucky enough to have a test date that’s coming up soon, make sure you give yourself at least three working days between tests. These are the guidelines.

It’s now time to go to work on your new approach!

Learn from your mistakes

This isn’t going to be a lot of fun but think back to the moment you got your results. The employees at the center should have sent you a letter explaining which parts you didn’t get enough points on. That wasn’t to add salt to the wound; it was to assist you in passing the test in the future! The greatest spot to begin your rewrite is with the places that previously tripped you up.

It’s also a good idea to consider whether or not the timing was an issue for you. Have you ever felt rushed? Or did you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands? Depending on the response, you may need to rethink your test strategy. Work on your time management and efficiency if you’re moving too slowly. Too hurried—take the extra time to properly read the questions and double-check your answers.

If you feel like you put in a lot of effort and studied your tail off the first time, you may need to rethink your approach to theory test revision entirely.

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Tackling your next theory test

It’s time to truly get your geek on once you’ve regained your winning attitude and gotten another exam date. Baby, we’re talking about research, revision, and fake tests! All of the material you need to pass is right in front of you; all you have to do is find it and figure out how to effectively absorb it.

There are theory exam resources available to accommodate a variety of learning methods. Try a few and pick your favorite, or try a variety for a well-rounded studying session. The highway code, traffic signs, and basic driving abilities must all be covered. As previously said, begin with your weakest areas and work your way out until you’ve covered everything.

Although the hazard perception part is harder to prepare for, there are several things you may do to improve your road observation abilities. Pay attention to what’s going on outside the windscreen if you’re in a car with people. Make a mental note of any possible or growing risks. Once you’ve developed this habit, it should be much easier to recognize similar issues in the actual test’s video clips.

Taking mock examinations for both areas of the theory test is the most efficient approach to round off your revision sessions. These are accessible for free online, and bigger packages may be purchased from a variety of retailers. Regardless of how the rest of your revision plan looks, we strongly advise you to utilize these tests.

Failing Theory Test

Be positive

We’re an optimistic lot around here, so it’s not hard for us to see how the fact that you failed your theory exam may potentially be beneficial. Please allow us to shed some light on the matter!

You now have the most powerful weapon in your arsenal: you know exactly what to expect on exam day. There are several materials out there that describe what happens during a theory exam, but nothing will properly prepare you for the actual thing until you go through it yourself.

Many people fail the theory test the first time around because anxieties cause them to lose focus. Because you aren’t stepping into the unknown this time, your anxiety should be much lower, allowing you to relax and get on with it.

When you finally receive your pass certificate (which we are confident you will! ), the victory will be all the sweeter since you fought so hard for it. Nothing like missing out on something the first time around lets you realize how important it is. You may hold that piece of paper in your hands knowing that you have the mental fortitude and drive to rise back up and fight for that victory. It’s a good day!

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If getting closer to your licence isn’t enough incentive, consider how much money you’ll save if you just have to retake your theory exam once more! Plus, after you get the certificate, you can begin honing those practical abilities, which can speed up your driving trip. So don’t give up on the theory exam—return to it and obtain that pass!

The main difference between test 1 and test 2 is that you are aware that the test will not be easy. If you’re anxious or overwhelmed after failing theory test, don’t worry. Spend two weeks reviewing your previous mistakes and running the mock tests as much as possible. After that, walk confidently inside the testing center, answer your questions, identify your hazards, and then depart. 

This time, though, you’ll be given a piece of paper that reads, “Congratulations. Now is the time to schedule your practical test.” You can pass your theory test a second time if you put in enough practice and effort.

Best of luck!