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You need to top up your battery. What level should you fill to?

A Just above the cell plates

Top up the battery with distilled water and make sure each cell plate is covered.

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When it comes to topping up your car battery, the most important thing is to make sure you do it correctly. Doing the wrong thing can cause serious damage and potentially put your safety at risk. Knowing what level of charge you should fill to will help ensure that everything goes smoothly when topping up your car battery.

The first step in determining how much fluid you should add is by checking the electrolyte level of your battery’s cells. This can be done by removing each cell cap and using a hydrometer or a refractometer tool if available, which will tell you how much charge is left in each cell so that they are all equalized before adding more fluid into them. If no such tools are available then simply use an eye dropper or syringe filled with distilled water and carefully drop some into each cell until they reach their appropriate levels as indicated on the side of the battery itself; usually 1/8th inch below its top edge for fully charged batteries while slightly higher than this for those needing charging due to being discharged too low priorly .

Once all cells have been topped off with enough electrolyte solution (which should always be distilled water), check again after 30 minutes just in case any further adjustments need made before replacing caps back onto their respective cells tightly afterwards - making sure not over tighten them either otherwise this could lead to premature failure later down line due lack air circulation inside causing corrosion build-up from trapped moisture etc.. Finally, reattach terminals securely ensuring there's good contact between metal parts followed by running engine briefly afterward just long enough confirm everything has been done correctly without any issues arising shortly thereafter as expected!

In conclusion, knowing what level of charge one needs fill their car’s batter too beforehand helps prevent costly repairs caused incorrect maintenance practices such underfilling or overfilling fluids during routine servicing intervals – leaving vehicle owners feeling confident about performance reliability whenever driving out roads safely again soon after!


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