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You must not use your horn when you are stationary _________.

A Unless a moving vehicle may cause you danger.

When stationary only sound your horn if you think there is a risk of danger from another road user. Don’t use it just to attract someone’s attention. This causes unnecessary noise and could be misleading.

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What makes car horns so crucial?

When driving, most people rely on visuals. However, visuals are not always sufficient. For instance, driving through blind bends or in dense fog requires the use of sound to warn other road users of your presence or of potential dangers. Therefore, when visibility is impaired, using a car horn to signal your presence to others is essential.

When to use your car horn

- When your vehicle is in motion

- When you need to let other drivers know that you are approaching around a bend

- When your vehicle is obscured by something (such as fog), making it difficult for other drivers to see you

- To prevent a potential accident

- To warn a driver or pedestrian of a potential danger

When not to use your car horn

Understanding when to blast your automobile horn is also crucial, as doing so in the improper circumstances could endanger other drivers or make them feel inconvenient. Additionally, it might startle, panic, or shock other drivers, resulting in more risky behavior. In fact, if you are caught using your car horn inappropriately, you could receive a fine. Don't "toot" your horn:

- When greeting someone you know

- To frighten wildlife off the road

- To show outrage or dissatisfaction with someone's actions

- When your vehicle is parked or stopped at a light

- To hurry up other drivers

- Between 11.30 p.m. and 7 a.m. (except in cases of imminent danger)



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