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You are waiting to emerge from a junction. The windscreen pillar is restricting your view. What should you be particularly aware of?

A Motorcyclists.

Windscreen pillars can completely block your view of pedestrians, motorcyclists and pedal cyclists. You should particularly watch out for these road users; don’t just rely on a quick glance. Where possible make eye contact with them so you can be sure they have seen you too.

Related Information

What are windscreen pillars?

Windscreen pillars are the upright supports that frame your windscreen. Windscreen pillars, often known as 'A-pillars, are used to support and secure the windscreen. Most automobiles have three pillars labeled A, B, and C. Some larger vehicles even feature a fourth 'D' pillar. The windscreen pillars (A) are at the front of the vehicle.

When do windscreen pillars obstruct your view?

Windscreen pillars are the most obstructive when driving on curves, roundabouts, and intersections. This is because other road users may be concealed from view when you turn. This is especially problematic for walkers and bikers, who have a limited field of vision. When answering this question on your theory test, keep in mind that turning causes the most severe blockage. It's less of a concern when you're traveling on a straight route, such as on the highway or approaching a one-way street.

Can windscreen pillars cause accidents?

Windscreen pillars in current automobiles are usually broader than they used to be. Especially in large vehicles such as minivans and SUVs. This is because, as automobiles become larger and heavier, car manufacturers must improve the structural integrity of the vehicle. Larger windshield pillars are frequently employed to add strength and support.
This design, however, has the potential to be deadly because it blocks the driver's vision. Windscreen pillars have been criticized by some drivers for causing accidents owing to the blind areas they generate. The industry has recognized the issue, with automobile manufacturers such as Continental developing's-through' A-pillars. If you are driving someone else's car, you should be mindful of any potential blind spots. That way, before turning, you may check your bling spot by moving your head to see around the pillar.

What should you be especially cautious of when you're waiting to emerge from a junction and your vision is obstructed by the windscreen pillar?

Windscreen pillars can entirely limit your vision of pedestrian crossings, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Make an extra effort to search for these road users; don't simply take a brief peek.

Where should you take particular care of cyclists and motorcyclists?

At intersections, motorcyclists and cyclists are frequently more difficult to notice. They are readily hidden from view, and you may not detect them approaching a crossroads if your vision is partially blocked, such as by other vehicles.



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Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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