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You are waiting in a traffic queue at night. To avoid dazzling following drivers you should ______.

A Apply the handbrake only.

You should consider drivers behind as brake lights can dazzle. However, if you are driving in fog, it’s safer to keep your foot on the footbrake. In this case, it will give the vehicle behind extra warning of your presence.

Related Information

Avoiding dazzle plays an important role in road safety at night. Temporary blindness that results from driver dazzling can last for several seconds, which is easily long enough for an accident to happen. The biggest threat is probably the dazzling from the main beam. A quick flash of your lights may serve to remind an approaching car to dip. If they don't respond, don't make the mistake of "retaliating" with your own main beam. You can avoid eye pain from oncoming lights by taking a quick glance to the left side of the road as they pass. Additionally, if dazzle impairs your eyesight, be prepared to slow down until you regain normal vision. When it is safe, stop if you need to.

There are steps you can take at night to prevent unnecessarily dazzling other drivers. One of these is to maintain a safe distance. Your headlights can be really problematic for the driver in front even when they are on dipped beam because of how they reflect in their mirrors. When possible, you should maintain a distance behind so that your lights fall short of the car ahead. If you have a dipping mirror, you can ease the problem of someone following you too closely. The mirror can be tilted and the dazzle can be removed by using the lever on the bottom edge of the mirror. Although the vision will be more of a "dark image," you will still be able to see some of what is behind. You should reset your mirror as soon as you can. Nowadays, some vehicles have mirrors that automatically dip when light sensors are activated. All you can do if your rearview mirror doesn't dip is slow down. Move the mirror a little bit to the side if the situation is bad. Find a safe spot to stop so that the other driver can pass.

Don't leave your headlights on for any longer than required when pulling up to park for whatever reason. Bright lights' fixed glare can be dazzling, especially in dimly lit areas. Instead, make use of your sidelights or "parking lights." This is crucial if you park on the right side of the road since the light beam will be angled to the left and will be glaring directly into the eyes of oncoming drivers. As the road narrows, you should also briefly lower your headlights out of courtesy when you stop to wait for an approaching car. This would be particularly useful on a route that isn't lit or in a dark side street where the dazzling effect of lights is more noticeable. Once they've passed, turn back to the dipped beam.

In traffic queues at lights and junctions, the dazzling effect of lights on stationary cars can be at its worst. Constantly pressing the brake pedal can make other drivers annoyed. When brake lights go away, red spots start to float in front of your eyes because they are so bright. In order to save your brake light bulbs, remove your foot from the brake and utilize the parking brake while you wait.



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