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You are following this lorry. You should keep well back from it to _________.

A Give you a good view of the road ahead.

By keeping well back you will increase your width of vision around the rear of the lorry. This will allow you to see further down the road and be prepared for any hazards.

Related Information

Sharing the road with large vehicles

Compared to a normal car, trucks and buses are substantially larger. This indicates that they frequently travel at lower speeds, may make frequent stops, and take some time to accelerate, decelerate, or stop. Check your following distance and speed when driving near larger vehicles, and be patient.

Follow at least 3-seconds behind a large vehicles. If the large vehicle slows down, turns, or stops, you will have time to respond. Increase your following distance in wet conditions since the water spray from large vehicles may make it harder for you to see.

Large vehicles require more time to pass, therefore, leave at least 100 meters of clear road ahead so that you can do so safely and within the speed limit. Make sure to signal for three seconds and check blindspots and your mirrors for any oncoming traffic. When possible, wait for the large vehicle to move into a bus or a slow vehicle lane so you can pass.

Position your vehicle so that you can see the side mirrors because large vehicles have big blindspots. The driver will be aware of your presence if you do this.

Maintain firm control of the steering wheel if there is a large oncoming vehicle to prevent your vehicle from being pushed or swayed.


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