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You are following a vehicle at a safe distance on a wet road. Another driver overtakes you and pulls into the gap you have left. What should you do?

A Drop back to regain a safe distance.

Wet weather will affect the time it takes for you to stop and can affect your control. Your speed should allow you to stop safely and in good time. If another vehicle pulls into the gap you’ve left, ease back until you’ve regained your stopping distance.

Related Information

When driving on a wet road, it is important to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. This helps to ensure that you have enough time and space to react if something unexpected happens. Unfortunately, other drivers may not be aware of this safety rule or they may choose not to adhere to it.

If another driver overtakes your vehicle and pulls into the gap between yourself and the car ahead, there are several steps that should be taken in order for both parties involved remain as safe as possible.

Firstly, reduce your speed slightly so that you can create more space between yourself and their car without having them become too far ahead of you - this will help prevent any potential collisions if either party needs suddenly brake quickly due an emergency situation such as an animal crossing or sudden stop by traffic lights etc..

Secondly make sure all exterior lights are switched on (including fog lamps) so other drivers can see where exactly your position is even when visibility is poor due rain/mist etc.. Finally use indicators when changing lanes or turning off at exits – these signals allow others around us know our intentions before we take action which greatly reduces chances for misunderstandings leading up accidents occurring .

In conclusion always try stay alert while driving during wet conditions - being mindful about maintaining appropriate distances from vehicles around us , using external lighting correctly & signaling our movements clearly will go long way towards keeping ourselves & fellow travelers safe out roads!


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