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You are following a long vehicle approaching a crossroads. The driver signals right but moves close to the left-hand kerb. What should you do?

A Wait behind the long vehicle

When a long vehicle is going to turn right it may need to keep close to the left-hand kerb. This is to prevent the rear end of the trailer cutting the corner. You need to be aware of how long vehicles behave in such situations. Don’t overtake the lorry because it could turn as you’re alongside. Stay behind and wait for it to turn.

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When a long vehicle such as a lorry is going to turn right, it may need to keep close to the left-hand kerb. This is because the length of these vehicles means that they can’t always make tight turns and must stay closer to one side or another in order for their trailers not to cut corners. It’s important for other drivers on the road be aware of how long vehicles behave in such situations and act accordingly by giving them enough room so they can safely complete their manoeuvres.

For example, if you are driving behind a lorry which needs to turn right, don't overtake it while it's still straightening up - this could cause an accident if you end up alongside when it begins its turn. Instead, stay back until it has completed its turn before overtaking; this will ensure your safety as well as that of other road users around you who might also have been affected had there been an incident involving yourself and the lorry driver due to misjudging distances between each other's vehicles.

In conclusion, being aware of how long vehicles like trucks operate when turning onto different roads will help prevent accidents from occurring on our roads.


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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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