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You are driving in fog. Why should you keep well back from the vehicle in front?

A In case it stops suddenly.

If you’re following another road user in fog stay well back. The driver in front won’t be able to see hazards until they’re close and might brake suddenly. Another reason why it is important to maintain a good separation distance in fog is that the road surface is likely to be wet and slippery.

Related Information

What are rear fog lights?
Rear fog lights are frequently installed on the vehicle's left side to help mark the car's corner when vehicles behind it overtake it. This bright light (which looks like a brake light on) alerts other drivers to the approximate location of the car in a travel lane. To avoid confusion with brake lights, just the light on the driver's side is switched on.
Why are vehicles fitted with rear fog lights?
We generally ignore our rear fog lights, but they play an important part in driving safely when visibility is poor.
Rear fog lights are intended to emit a bright and concentrated beam of red light that can penetrate fog and heavy rain, making your vehicle visible to traffic behind you. Some vehicles have one or two rear fog lights.
Without these rear fog lights, your chances of being involved in an accident during low visibility increase dramatically.

When may front fog lights be used?
These lights produce a strong beam that is intended to pierce through low visibility situations. However, if the road is clear and you utilize your fog lights, you may endanger other drivers by potentially blinding them.
Remember that a rear fog light is not a style bulb, and it should never be turned on only to show off. They are a safety gadget that should only be used during low visibility conditions such as heavy rain or fog. If you can't see more than a few feet ahead of you, other drivers won't be able to see you, so use rear fog lights to keep safe.
Also, bear in mind that during the night, your standard headlights and tail lights are sufficient to help you see and be seen. Only use your back fog light when the weather is particularly bad.

Which side of the rear fog light should be kept connected?
You could be tempted to wire both rear fog lights, but we would advise against it. If both are activated at the same time, other drivers may mistake them for brake lights because they are both red. This could result in the following safety problems:
A car with a single rear fog light is thought to be traveling at a steady pace, but if it has two and both are illuminated, drivers may believe the car is stopping and begin to brake as well.
Even if drivers behind you notice you have both rear fog lights on, their intense beam may hide the real brake lights, making it harder to see when you begin to brake.
In other words, using a single rear fog light on the driver's side reduces confusion for others while also assisting the fog light in performing its function.

Why is it dangerous to leave rear fog lights on?
The proper usage of rear fog lights is a crucial aspect of safe driving. Remember that their objective is to make you visible to other drivers when visibility is poor. The bright beam of light they emit is unsuitable for use when driving in moderate to mild weather conditions and, if not used correctly, could indeed dazzle other drivers.

What’s the difference between headlights and rear fog lights?
Maybe you are a newbie and can not tell the rear fog light and headlight apart. Below are some differences between these two kind of lights equipped in your car:
Headlights are the main white lights on the front of the car and are also known as driving lights or dipped headlights. Dipped headlights are the most popular type of headlamp; they are brighter than sidelights but not as bright as full beam headlights.
They receive their name from the fact that they are angled downwards, towards the road. The switch to activate them is typically located on a dashboard dial or twisted indicator stalk.
The highway code states that "you must use headlights when vision is substantially decreased," with "seriously reduced" defined as less than 100 meters in front of you. This means that they should be turned on at night and during inclement weather.
Rear fog lights
In contrast, fog lights illuminate the road beneath the fog. They are located in both the front and back of the vehicle.
The front fog lights are positioned beneath the front bumper, thus they are quite low. They are also incredibly versatile lights that aren't just beneficial in foggy conditions.
These fog lights have a deflector built into the lamp's body, allowing light to only shine straight down onto the road. The light is prevented from shining upwards.
By being low on the car, the light illuminates the road directly ahead or just at the immediate corners. In fact, many people use them to see to the side of the road where headlights cannot.



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