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You are driving at night with full beam headlights on. A vehicle is overtaking you. You should dip your lights _____.

A as soon as the vehicle passes you

On full beam your lights could dazzle the driver in front. Make sure that your light beam falls short of the vehicle in front.

Related Information

Driving at night can be a dangerous activity, especially when full beam headlights are used. It is important to ensure that all drivers on the road are aware of their surroundings and remain safe for everyone’s sake. When another vehicle is overtaking you while you are driving at night with your high beams on, it is essential to dip your lights as soon as they pass by in order to reduce glare from the other driver’s view and prevent any potential accidents from occurring.

Firstly, when driving with full beam headlights turned on during nighttime hours, it can create an uncomfortable level of brightness for those who have their own headlights switched off or dimmed low so that they may see better ahead of them. If someone were overtaking you while having their lights off then suddenly being exposed to such a bright light, this could cause confusion or disorientation, which could lead them into making poor decisions behind the wheel due to not being able to perceive what lies ahead properly anymore - this isn't something anyone would want happening! Therefore, dipping your own headlight beams once another vehicle passes helps maintain safety levels within traffic flow since everybody involved will now be able to stay alert enough without any unexpected surprises!

Finally, if two vehicles travelling opposite directions meet each other in dark conditions, whoever has brightest set up (in terms high beams) should always take initiative first and lower theirs down before anything else happens; this ensures visibility remains optimal between both parties.


Saima Zai Cooking

1 year ago


Kelly Parry

1 year ago

I've only given this a 3star rating at the moment as I've only just started to use the app so am only at stage 1 off questions, what I've done so far I'm very pleased with, straight forward multiple choice questions made understanding questions easy to answer ,not sluggish in anyway app runs perfectly at present

Waqas Shahid

1 year ago

Recently i passed Theory test just by relying on this app. I will recommend this for the only MCqs . Got 45/50. But, there is no single clip of hazard perception in this app. I would suggest that programmer shoyld add clips for the candidates benefits. 4/5*

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