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Yellow zigzag lines on the road outside schools mean _________.

A You should not park or stop on these lines.

Where there are yellow zigzag markings, you should not park, wait or stop, even to pick up or drop off children. A vehicle parked on the zigzag lines would obstruct children's view of the road and other drivers view of the pavement. Where there is an upright sign there is mandatory prohibition of stopping during the times shown.

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Can you park and stop your vehicle on the yellow zigzag line?

The yellow zigzag line denotes a part of the road where parking is forbidden because it is used for another purpose. As a result, we frequently see similar marks at bus stops or loading and unloading zones. In other words, parking with any vehicle is prohibited.

Because they are loading and unloading zones, you may believe that you can park outside of the permitted hours for this purpose. However, the opposite is true, since there is another sign that states "no parking" (circle with a red horizontal line on a blue background), with loading and unloading hours noted. If you see these hours listed next to the lines, you now know it is possible to park outside of these hours.

The distinction between the yellow zigzag and the dashed line

Many people confuse the yellow zigzag line with the dashed yellow line painted on the side of the road or kerb, which is frequently used to define vehicle loading and unloading zones.

It is true that the restrictions for vehicles are the same: they can stop but not park unless they do so outside of the loading and unloading hours specified.

The yellow zigzag line, on the other hand, defines a full area, whereas those painted on the edge of the road or on the kerb are only for the portion of the kerb where parking is prohibited.

As a result, the yellow zigzag line informs you of the area where parking is prohibited since it is intended for loading and unloading vehicles. This might be due to the bigger size of these vehicles, or it could simply be the space required for people to take a bus.

Remember that you can stop on the zigzag lines at any point, but you cannot park.

As you can see, zigzag lines, like other road markings, are intended to guarantee safety and allow cars to travel freely; they must thus be followed.



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