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Why must you take extra care when turning right at this junction?

A There is reduced visibility

You may have to pull forward slowly until you can see up and down the road. Be aware that the traffic approaching the junction can’t see you either. If you don’t know that it’s clear, don’t go.

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Turning right at a junction can be tricky, especially when visibility is reduced. It’s important to take extra care and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Here are some tips for turning right safely:

1) Pull forward slowly until you can see up and down the road. This will give you an idea of any traffic approaching from either direction that may not be able to see your car due to the reduced visibility.

2) If it looks like there is no other traffic coming, carefully check both directions again before proceeding with the turn.

3) Pay attention for cyclists or pedestrians who may not have seen your vehicle in time due to poor visibility conditions – they could still cross in front of your car even if it appears clear initially!

4) If in doubt about whether or not it's safe enough for a turn, don't go - wait until all dangers have passed before attempting another manoeuvre.

By taking these simple steps every time we approach a junction with limited vision, we can reduce our chances of being involved in an accident significantly! Remember - safety first!


Saima Zai Cooking

1 year ago


Kelly Parry

1 year ago

I've only given this a 3star rating at the moment as I've only just started to use the app so am only at stage 1 off questions, what I've done so far I'm very pleased with, straight forward multiple choice questions made understanding questions easy to answer ,not sluggish in anyway app runs perfectly at present

Waqas Shahid

1 year ago

Recently i passed Theory test just by relying on this app. I will recommend this for the only MCqs . Got 45/50. But, there is no single clip of hazard perception in this app. I would suggest that programmer shoyld add clips for the candidates benefits. 4/5*

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