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Why can it be an advantage for traffic speed to stay constant over a longer distance?

A Your overall journey time will normally improve

When traffic travels at a constant speed over a longer distance, journey times normally improve. You may feel that you could travel faster for short periods but this won’t generally improve your overall journey time. Signs will show the maximum speed at which you should travel.

Related Information

When traffic travels at a constant speed over a longer distance, journey times normally improve. This is because travelling at the same speed for an extended period of time allows drivers to reach their destination more quickly than if they were accelerating and decelerating regularly. Additionally, maintaining the same speed reduces fuel consumption which can save money in addition to reducing travel time.

It may seem counter-intuitive that driving slower could be faster overall but this is generally true when it comes to long journeys as any sudden changes in acceleration or deceleration will add extra minutes onto your total journey time due to increased friction on the road surface and having to slow down again after speeding up briefly. Therefore, signs are often present along roads informing drivers of what maximum speeds they should adhere to in order to make efficient use of their vehicle's energy resources and reduce travel times where possible.

Overall, travelling at a constant speed over longer distances does indeed result in improved journey times as opposed to short bursts of higher speeds followed by braking periods which can cause delays. It is important however that all motorists stick within legal limits regarding maximum speeds so as not to create hazardous conditions on our roads whilst still benefitting from reduced travel times wherever possible.


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