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Which of the following may cause loss of concentration on a long journey?

A Arguing with a passenger.

You should not allow yourself to be distracted when driving. You need to concentrate fully in order to be safe on the road. Loud music could mask other sounds, such as the audible warning of an emergency vehicle. Any distraction which causes you to take your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road could be dangerous.

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Cell phone use, adjusting the radio, the weather, and other passengers in the vehicle are a few things that can impair focus when driving. Cell phones and navigation systems can divert the driver's focus from the road, especially if the driver is engaged in a visually demanding activity like texting. The driver's attention can also be negatively impacted by the weather, particularly when there is a lot of rain or snow, which can reduce the driver's field of vision. Passengers, eating, and other traffic can all be sources of distraction.

Cell phone use while operating a car can cause one's concentration to be diverted. The conversation itself can be distracting, particularly when it involves important or stressful calls, and the driver may need to handle the phone in order to answer it or make a call. This has led many drivers to utilize a hands-free device to limit using the phone as much as possible. Texting while driving can also be a distraction and can even make it difficult to steer properly.

The attention of a driver can also be impacted by other devices or gadgets. As well as operating a portable music player or removing or inserting a CD, adjusting a radio can be quite distracting. Both adjusting settings and paying too much attention to the display while driving can be distracting when using navigation systems.

Snow and rain are typically considered conditions that encourage a driver to concentrate more on the road, but these elements can also have a negative impact on attention when driving. The driver may lose peripheral vision or become overly concentrated on what is directly in front of the car if it is snowing or raining heavily. At night, this can be much more of a worry.

Passengers in the vehicle in general and children in particular might divert driver's attention while driving. Other drivers can also distract one from the road by driving carelessly, honking excessively, or playing a stereo system loudly. Although eating while driving is a fairly normal behavior, it also affects how attentive a driver is to the road.


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