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When approaching this bridge you should give way to ______.

A buses

A double-deck bus or high-sided lorry will have to take up a position in the centre of the road so that it can clear the bridge. There is normally a sign to indicate this. Look well down the road, through the bridge and be aware you may have to stop and give way to an oncoming large vehicle.

Related Information

A double-deck bus or high-sided lorry is a large vehicle that must take up a position in the centre of the road so that it can safely clear an overpass or bridge. This type of situation requires extra caution from drivers, as these vehicles are much larger and heavier than normal cars. To help alert drivers to this hazard, there is usually a sign indicating when they should be aware for oncoming large vehicles.

When approaching any bridge with such signs posted, it’s important for all motorists to look well down the road and through the bridge before continuing forward. If necessary, you may have to stop your car completely and give way if one of these large vehicles approaches from either direction while crossing over the bridge itself. It’s also wise not to travel too close behind such trucks due their size; instead keep enough room between them so you have time to react accordingly if needed.

In conclusion, always be mindful when driving near bridges where double-decker buses or high sided lorries are present by looking carefully down both sides of roads before proceeding further ahead and giving yourself plenty space should one approach while crossing over an overhead structure like a bridge. By following this advice, you will ensure your safety at all times when travelling around areas with potential hazards caused by larger sized transport trucks.


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