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What should you do when dealing with this hazard?

A Use a low gear and drive slowly

In normal conditions a Ford can be crossed quite safely by driving through it slowly. The water may affect your brakes, so when you're clear of the Ford test them before you resume normal driving.

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What does the "FORD" sign mean?

The FORD road sign indicates that there is a water crossing ahead, requiring you to slow down and be prepared to stop. Because the depth of the water might change, driving across it should be done with caution. Your automobile might get swept away if the water is too deep. A 'Ford' sign is typically accompanied by a depth gauge, allowing you to determine how deep the water is.

Where are you likely to see the sign?

This sign is mostly encountered in rural regions, particularly if there has been a lot of rain or snowmelt. They're most likely to be seen in the spring, when water levels are at their peak. They can, however, happen at any moment if there has been a recent downpour or melting snow.

The FORD sign is likely to be found before a water crossing on a road. Be aware of these warning signs so that you can slow down and prepare to stop. Your automobile might get swept away if the water is too deep. Make sure to check carefully.

How common is this sign?

This sign is pretty common in the United Kingdom, particularly in rural regions. It is used to alert drivers of an impending ford. Fords are shallow river or stream portions that may be crossed without getting wet. They can, however, be unsafe if the water is flowing too quickly if the bottom is uneven.

Slow down and prepare to stop if you see this sign. You may need to exit your vehicle to analyse the situation. Cross the ford cautiously if it appears to be safe. If not, use an another route.

The height of your vehicle might often be the critical element in whether or not you should cross it. Vehicles with strong wheels and higher suspensions will have an easier time passing than a lower car with weary wheels, but this all relies on the height of the water and the rate itself.



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