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What should you do before making a U-turn?

A Look over your shoulder for a final check.

If you have to make a U-turn, slow down and ensure that the road is clear in both directions. Make sure that the road is wide enough for you to carry out the manoeuvre safely.

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Depending on where you are driving, there are different U-turn regulations. Make sure you are aware of the rules for this specific turn type before attempting a U turn. For instance, in some places, U turns are permitted wherever there are no signs explicitly forbidding them. In other places, U turns might always be prohibited. You don't want to put yourself at risk of receiving a traffic ticket for making a U turn in an area where they are forbidden unless you are in an emergency. By carefully following these detailed instructions, a U turn can be safely made while driving.

6 simple steps to make a U Turn:

1. Merge into the left lane of the road you're on while utilizing safe lane-changing procedures.

2. Merge again into the turning lane to the far left of the side of the road.

You should be able to utilize the turning lane as a place to wait for approaching traffic to clear before starting the U turn since U turns are typically made at a location with a red light. While you are getting ready to make this driving maneuver, keep your left turn signal on to notify other drivers of your intentions.

3. Look out for approaching traffic.

It will take some time to make a U-turn. Wait until the oncoming vehicle has passed if you are concerned that you won't be able to make the turn before it reaches you. When making a U turn, do not be in a rush.

4. Look out for other vehicles that might be turning into the lane or lanes you intend to enter from the other side of the road. Once more, make sure to let all traffic pass before making a U-turn.

5. Turn your car to the left and go into the closest lane as soon as you are sure no vehicles are coming up behind you. For instance, if you can turn your vehicle in such a way that it enters the left lane on the other side of the road, do so first. Then, after checking for other drivers, go into the right lane.

6. Make your U turn smoothly and quickly. Return to normal speed as soon as you can. Turn off your signal.



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