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What does this sign mean?

A Minimum speed 30 mph

This sign is shown where slow-moving vehicles would impede the flow of traffic, for example in tunnels. However, if you need to slow down or even stop to avoid an incident or potential collision, you should do so.

Related Information

We all know how important it is to obey the speed limit while driving on public roads. Not only does this help keep us safe, but it also helps ensure that everyone else on the road remains safe as well. But what happens when there isn’t a posted speed limit? This is where minimum speed limit signs come in handy!

Minimum speed limits are used to indicate the lowest possible rate of travel that can be safely maintained by drivers under ideal conditions. The purpose of these signs is to prevent congestion and improve traffic flow by encouraging motorists to maintain a consistent pace with other vehicles on the road. Additionally, they can help reduce fuel consumption and minimize air pollution from idling engines at stop lights or intersections.

These signs usually consist of a number which indicates the minimum allowable rate for vehicle speeds in miles per hour (mph). They may also include additional information such as “no passing zone” or “caution – slow moving vehicles ahead” depending upon their location and intended use. In some cases, they may even feature flashing lights or audio warnings if drivers exceed certain speeds near schools zones or residential areas where children might be present.

Minimum speeding limits should always be taken seriously since violating them could result in hefty fines, license suspension, increased insurance rates, points added onto your record, etc.. It's also important for drivers to pay attention not just to posted signage but also their own judgement regarding safety - because although following laws will keep you out of trouble legally - ultimately nothing beats being aware & cautious behind wheel!


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the ever great app

Hubert Cumberdale

2 years ago

Brilliant for the multiple choice bit of the theory. Never looked at the highway code, just went through all of the practice questions in this (free version) over a few hours and passed my test 48/50.

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