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What does this sign mean?

A Quayside or river bank.

You should be careful in these locations as the road surface is likely to be wet and slippery. There may be a steep drop to the water, and there may not be a barrier along the edge of the road.

Related Information

If you’re planning to drive along a quayside or river bank road, it is important to be extra cautious. These roads are often wet and slippery due to the water they border, making them more dangerous than other roads. Additionally, there may not be any barriers between the edge of the road and a steep drop into the water below.

It is essential that drivers pay close attention when driving on these types of roads so as not to lose control of their vehicles. It can also help if you reduce your speed for better maneuverability should an unexpected situation arise while driving along this type of terrain. Make sure that your tires have good treads in order for maximum traction on wet surfaces as well as avoiding hydroplaning which could lead to loss of vehicle control or even worse - an accident involving yourself or someone else!

Additionally, it's always best practice when travelling near bodies of water such as rivers and lakesides (especially at night) to keep all windows closed unless absolutely necessary – this will help prevent any potential objects from entering your car should something fall off another boat nearby! Finally remember: stay alert at all times while navigating these areas because one wrong move could mean disaster!


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