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What does this sign mean?

A Contraflow bus lane

There will also be markings on the road surface to indicate the bus lane. You must not use this lane for parking or overtaking.

Related Information

A contraflow system: what is it?

When traffic is routed in the opposite direction from how it would typically flow, this is called a contraflow system. When there are roadworks, they are frequently used. Traffic may be routed through the central reservation and onto the other side of the carriageway if one of the carriageways is closed.

Contraflow bus lane

Similar to cycle lanes, contraflow bus lanes function by flowing in the opposite direction from normal traffic. The road sign for the contraflow bus lane is a blue rectangle with a white line down the middle, arrows on either side, and a bus. The arrows indicate the direction that the bus lane flows and the direction that the regular lanes are moving.

Where might you find a contraflow bus lane?

On a one-way street, you will typically see a contraflow bus lane where the buses are moving in the opposite direction of the other lanes. Due to the fact that they enable buses to go more rapidly by taking a more direct route, they are typically seen in major cities. Sometimes contraflow bus and cycle lanes are merged, causing buses and cyclists to travel in the opposite direction of the other lanes.


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