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What does a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) tell DVLA?

A That your vehicle is not being used on the road.

By making a SORN, DVLA will know that this vehicle is being kept off the public road and does not need vehicle excise duty to be paid. Once you have made a SORN, it remains valid until you tax, sell or scrap the vehicle.

Related Information

When a vehicle is not kept or used on a public road, such as when it is parked in a garage, on a driveway, or on private property, it is considered to be off the road. When you take a vehicle "off the road" and want to stop paying taxes and insurance on it, you must submit a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). Any of the following circumstances requires you to make a SORN:

- Your vehicle is not taxed.

- Your vehicle is not insured (even for a short time, for example due to a delay in renewing your policy).

- You want to scrap a vehicle by breaking it down for parts.

- You want to keep a vehicle that you buy or receive off the road (you cannot transfer a SORN from the previous keeper).

If you have received a V11 reminder letter for a vehicle that you have previously sold, you do not need to submit a SORN.



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