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What can cause heavy steering?

A Under-inflated tyres

If your tyre pressures are low this will increase the drag on the road surface and make the steering feel heavy. Your vehicle will also use more fuel. Incorrectly inflated tyres can affect the braking, cornering and handling of your vehicle to a dangerous level.

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What is heavy steering?

Heavy steering occurs when your vehicle's steering wheel gets hard, making it difficult to turn. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including tyre pressure, a lack of fluid lubricant, and tyre alignment. Heavy steering makes it more difficult to manoeuvre your vehicle, and a stiff, unresponsive steering wheel might impair the car's performance. 

Why are steering wheel hard to turn?

So, what exactly causes heavy steering? The following are some of the most typical causes of heavy steering:

- Tyre pressure - if your tyres are not inflated to the required air pressure, you may experience heavy steering. This is especially frequent in underinflated tyres, as it might imply that the tyre's grip on the road surface is reduced as a result of incorrect tyre pressure, making steering more difficult.

- Wheel alignment - if your wheels are not correctly aligned, it might influence your steering. If the front-end alignment is off, it can cause uneven tyre wear on the front tyres, causing the vehicle to pull to the side and cause heavy steering.

- A low of fluid oil in your car, or a fluid leakage, might cause heavy steering. If there is a lack of fluid oil or a leak, the pressure in the system is reduced, which means the steering wheel does not get a proper amount of fluid to operate freely.

- Thick fluid oil - on the other hand, thick fluid oil might cause issues. Over time, power steering fluid can gather debris and dirt, causing it to become too thick to flow freely and lubricate all sections of the system. At low speeds, this is a typical source of heavy steering.

- Infrequent servicing - when was the last time you had your automobile serviced? Without getting your car maintained on a regular basis, crucial inspections like the ones listed above will be neglected, and you will be unaware that you have a problem.



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