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This yellow sign on a vehicle indicates this is _________.

A A school bus.

Buses which carry children to and from school may stop at places other than scheduled bus stops. Be aware that they might pull over at any time to allow children to get on or off. This will normally be when traffic is heavy during rush hour.

Related Information

It is possible for school buses to obstruct traffic. You should exercise extreme caution when driving near a school bus, be prepared for signs and stops, and try to drive safely. Here are some tips that can help you avoid risks associated with driving near a school bus.

1. When driving near a school bus, be patient. Impatience can cause poor decisions such as excessive lane switching and following other vehicles too closely. The well-being of the children on the bus is the most important concern. If required, a delay is a small price to pay to ensure everyone's safety, including your own.

2. Whenever you are behind the school bus, maintain a safe distance. To allow for safe stops, keep a distance of no less than 2 seconds. Choose a landmark that the bus is passing, such as a sign or a pole, to determine the distance in seconds. That landmark ought to be passed in two seconds or more. Allow at least ten feet between the rear of the bus and the front of your car when you are stopped behind a school bus. Children are most at risk during their trip in the 10 feet surrounding a school bus.

3. Avoid being in blind spots. Despite having huge mirrors, bus drivers might not be able to see you clearly. If the bus driver starts flashing the blinkers, go slower and give the bus room to change lanes. Never pass a school bus from the driver's blind spot; only pass it from the left side. If you cannot see any rearview mirrors of the bus you’re following, the driver most likely can't see you either. Never pass a school bus while the driver is flashing his lights to indicate that he is about to stop or change lanes.

4. Keep an eye out for children. Buses can be unexpected and may not be aware of the potential dangers on the road. Before starting to maneuver through traffic behind a school bus, always look twice. It is likely that there are children waiting to be picked up near the roadway if you are driving in front of a school bus in the morning. You must always drive defensively, but in this case, drive even more cautiously.


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