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The white line along the side of the road _______.

A shows the edge of the carriageway

A continuous white line is used on many roads to indicate the edge of the carriageway. This can be useful when visibility is restricted. The line is discontinued at junctions, lay-bys and entrances and exits from private drives.

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A continuous white line is an important road marking used on many roads. It serves to indicate the edge of the carriageway, and can be especially useful when visibility is restricted due to bad weather or darkness. The line helps drivers stay in their lane and avoid accidents caused by crossing over into another lane unknowingly.

The continuous white line is usually broken at junctions, lay-bys and entrances/exits from private drives as a way of indicating that these areas are potential points for turning off or entering onto the main roadway. This allows drivers to know where they can safely turn off without having to worry about other traffic coming from behind them unexpectedly, thus improving safety for all motorists on the road.

It’s important that drivers pay attention when driving near these sections with broken lines so as not to confuse them with regular lanes which have solid lines throughout; this could lead to dangerous situations if cars cross over into wrong lanes without being aware of it beforehand. In addition, it’s also essential that such markings are kept clean and visible at all times so they don't become difficult for motorists to spot while travelling along busy roads – this will help ensure everyone's safety in case any unexpected turns need taking quickly during journeys.


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