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Someone is waiting to cross at a zebra crossing. They are standing on the pavement. You should normally ______.

A stop, let them cross, wait patiently

By standing on the pavement, the pedestrian is showing an intention to cross. If you are looking well down the road you will give yourself enough time to slow down and stop safely. Don’t forget to check your mirrors before slowing down.

Related Information

What is a zebra crossing?

This kind of crossing is possibly the most well-known in the UK. A zebra crossing is identified on the road by black and white stripes, as the name suggests. Black and white poles with flashing yellow lights on top alert approaching vehicles to the crossing.

Rules for drivers:

Drivers are required to yield to pedestrians who are waiting at a zebra crossing or who appear to be trying to use one. Always go at a speed that would give you enough time to stop if a pedestrian were to cross at a zebra crossing.

Rules for pedestrians:

Whenever using a zebra crossing, pedestrians have the right of way over vehicles and bikes. To avoid being hit by distracted drivers, always stop and scan all directions of the road.


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