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Road humps, chicanes, and narrowings are

A traffic calming measures

Traffic calming measures help keep vehicle speeds low in congested areas where there are pedestrians and children. A pedestrian is much more likely to survive a collision with a vehicle travelling at 20 mph than at 40 mph.

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Traffic calming measures are techniques used to reduce the speed and volume of traffic on roads, as well as improve safety for pedestrians. These measures can include physical barriers such as speed bumps or raised crosswalks, signs that indicate a reduced speed limit, or even educational campaigns to encourage drivers to slow down. The overall purpose of these traffic calming measures is twofold: firstly, they help reduce accidents by reducing speeds and providing safer crossings for pedestrians; secondly, they create more pleasant environments in which people feel comfortable walking or cycling instead of driving.

The most common type of traffic calming measure is the installation of physical barriers such as roundabouts or chicanes along highways and other busy roads. Roundabouts force vehicles into a circular pattern around an island in order to slow them down while chicanes are narrow sections designed with alternating curves that also cause drivers to decelerate their vehicle’s momentum when approaching them. Other types include lane narrowing which reduces lanes from four lanes down two one-way streets; raised intersections which add height at certain points so cars must pass over it slowly; median islands created between opposing directions on divided highways where trees can be planted further adding visual cues for slowing motorists; road diets where existing roadway space is reallocated into bike paths/sidewalks/parking spaces etc.; curb extensions at intersections allow greater visibility from both sides making it easier for pedestrians crossing safely without fear being hit by passing cars .

Overall then we see how effective use of different forms traffic calming measure has great potential not only improving safety but creating more livable communities too - ones where people have access safe transportation choices like biking /walking rather than solely relying upon motorized vehicles all time! With this comes benefits including better air quality improved public health lower noise levels less congestion plus increased economic activity due businesses locating near areas with easy access foot/bicycle travel!



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