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On motorways you should never overtake on the left unless _________.

A There is a queue of slow-moving traffic to your right that is moving more slowly than you are.

Only overtake on the left if traffic is moving slowly in queues and the traffic on your right is moving more slowly than the traffic in your lane.

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How to drive on a motorway?

- Stay in the left lane of a three-lane motorway unless you need to pass slower moving traffic. You should take the middle lane to accomplish this. Keep to the middle lane if you need to pass multiple cars. You don't have to swerve into and out of the left lane to pass individual vehicles.

- When the left and middle lanes are filled with slower-moving traffic, only use the outer lane to pass slower moving vehicles. You must be ready to move to the left or middle lanes when in the middle or outer lanes so that faster-moving vehicles can pass.

- The outer lane is not meant to be used by large, heavy vehicles like buses, coaches, lorries, and cars towing trailers or caravans. While you're in the middle lane, if one of these vehicles approaches you from behind, make sure to get into the left lane as soon as it's safe to do so in order to avoid obstructing the vehicle's path.

Changing Lanes and Overtaking on a Motorway?

- Utilize the MSM/PSL routine well in advance of any lane changes you intend to make.

- Look and signal in good time if necessary.

- Stay alert as you never know when a car can speed up behind you.

- It could be required to take a quick sideways glance into the blind spot.

- Move gradually into the lane when it is safe to do so.


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