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In heavy motorway traffic the vehicle behind you is following too closely. How can you lower the risk of a collision?

A Increase your distance from the vehicle in front

On busy roads traffic may still travel at high speeds despite being close together. Don’t follow too closely to the vehicle in front. If a driver behind seems to be ‘pushing’ you, gradually increase your distance from the vehicle in front by slowing down gently. This will give you more space in front if you have to brake, and lessen the risk of a collision involving several vehicles.

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In heavy motorway traffic, the vehicle behind you may be following too closely and increasing your risk of a collision. To lower this risk, there are several steps you can take to ensure safety on the road.

First and foremost, it is important to maintain an appropriate speed for the conditions of the roadway. If traffic is slow or congested due to construction or high volume of vehicles on the road, slowing down can help create more space between yourself and other drivers around you. Additionally, if possible try not to brake suddenly as this could lead to rear-end collisions from trailing cars that do not have enough time react in time.

Secondarily, using defensive driving techniques such as signaling prior turns or lane changes will alert those behind you so they don’t follow too closely while attempting dangerous maneuvers like passing multiple lanes at once without sufficient space between themself and other vehicles on either side of themself.. This will also give those trailing additional reaction time should any unexpected circumstances arise during their drive ahead which could increase their chance avoiding a potential accident with yourself in particular by providing increased distance between both parties involved .

Finally , always remember that maintaining proper awareness while driving is essential when trying reduce risks associated with collisions caused by tailgating behavior; being aware what others around doing whether they are following too close for comfort or just simply changing lanes unexpectedly helps anticipate these actions before its even happens thus allowing enough room maneuver away safely from danger . By taking these steps into consideration when operating a vehicle in heavy motorway traffic , one can significantly decrease chances getting into an accident due another driver's negligence thus helping everyone get home safe each day .


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