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How will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?

A By displaying a stop sign

If a school crossing patrol steps out into the road with a stop sign you must stop. Don’t wave anyone across the road and don’t get impatient or rev your engine.

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How will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?

When driving near a school you need to be even more cautious than usual. School crossing patrols were implemented to keep children away from road accidents. They will do many things including getting you to stop.

They will display a ‘stop’ sign. You must stop if a school crossing guard steps out into the road with a ‘stop’ sign. Don’t get aggressive or rev your motor, and don’t wave someone across the road.

Take extra precautions in areas where children may be present, especially near schools. Drive cautiously and carefully by schools, especially during start and finish times. Keep in mind:

- Two amber lights flash alternately warn cars of a school crossing patrol ahead.

- A school crossing guard may stop you to help youngsters cross the street.

- Children are erratic and impulsive. As a result, drive gently on narrow roads with parked vehicles that impede your view.



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