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At a pelican crossing, what does a flashing amber light mean?

A You must give way to pedestrians still on the crossing.

If there is no-one on the crossing when the amber light is flashing, you may proceed over the crossing. You don’t need to wait for the green light to show.

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What is a pelican crossing?

The use of pelican crossings is governed by traffic lights. When a pedestrian wants to cross, they push a button and wait for the green person to light up. The traffic lights will change to red simultaneously to warn oncoming vehicles to stop.

Rules for drivers:

The traffic lights for cars will turn red and signal that you must stop when a pedestrian presses the button on a pelican crossing. If the light flashes amber, you may only go if there are no people present or attempting to cross the road.

Rules for pedestrians:

Push the button and wait for the green person to light up if you want to use a pelican crossing. You must not enter the road if a red person is displayed.


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