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At a pelican crossing, the flashing amber light means you must _________.

A Give way to pedestrians already on the crossing.

Pelican crossings are signal-controlled crossings operated by pedestrians. Push- button controls change the signals. Pelican crossings have no red-and-amber stage before green. Instead, they have a flashing amber light, which means you MUST give way to pedestrians already on the crossing, but if it is clear, you may continue.

Related Information

What is a Pelican crossing?

Drivers will encounter a typical set of traffic lights at a pelican crossing, which alternate between red, amber, and green. A black and yellow box with the word "WAIT" on it is mounted at hip height to the traffic light pole and is visible to pedestrians.

Pelican crossing rules

In order to cross the street, pedestrians must press a button on a black and yellow box. When the button is pressed, the box's "WAIT" sign illuminates and then turns off when the traffic lights change. A green man (and/or woman) sign on the other side of the street indicates that it is safe for pedestrians to cross. The pedestrian signal will begin to blink on and off once it has been green for a certain period of time. A flashing amber light will take the place of the signal for drivers at this time or shortly after. This signifies that no pedestrians should begin to cross the road; only those who are currently on the crossing should be allowed to cross. After the crossing is clear, traffic can proceed. Some pelican crossings have a countdown timer to indicate how much time is left for pedestrians to cross the road safely. The crossing changes back to a red signal for pedestrians and a green signal for drivers after a few seconds.



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