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After a breakdown you need to rejoin the main carriageway of a motorway from the hard shoulder. You should _______.

A gain speed on the hard shoulder before moving out onto the carriageway

Wait for a safe gap in the traffic before you move out. Indicate your intention and use the hard shoulder to gain speed but don’t force your way into the traffic.

Related Information

You use a slip road to join a motorway. It follows the same process as joining a dual carriageway. The key things to keep in mind are:

- Your speed should be adjusted to match the existing traffic on the motorway.

- Indicate that you want to join the motorway.

- Prioritize the flow of traffic currently on the motorway.

- When there is a suitable gap in the left-hand lane, join.

- Employ the MSM/PSL procedure.

- Don't try to push your way into the traffic.

- Don't drive along the hard shoulder.

- To confirm the location of other vehicles, you might need to check over your right shoulder. At the end of the slip road, try to avoid stopping unless you are waiting to join other slow-moving traffic.

Once you're on the motorway, stay in the left lane until you've had a chance to gauge the speed of the oncoming traffic and make any necessary adjustments. If signs and road markings make it clear that slip roads continue as a dedicated lane, you won't need to enter the motorway as described above.


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