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You're travelling on a motorway in England. You must stop when signalled to do so by which of these?

A A traffic officer.

You'll find traffic officers on motorways in England and Wales as well as some primary routes. They work in partnership with the police, helping to keep traffic moving and helping to make your journey as safe as possible. It's an offence not to comply with the directions given by a traffic officer.

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What are the responsibilities of Traffic Officers?

Traffic Officers are responsible for:

- Providing information for local travel reports and electronic message signs to keep you informed.

- Providing help when you experience a breakdown or are involved in an accident.

- Removing abandoned and damaged vehicles.

- Supplying temporary and mobile road closures.

- Managing incidents by coordinating the emergency services' resources, directing traffic to lessen congestion caused by incidents, removing debris off the roads, re-opening routes when it is safe, and supporting the police. Traffic officers minimize the effects of incident-related congestion and the possibility of further incidents by rapidly clearing incidents.

What happens if you do not obey directions from a Traffic Officer?

You must follow the traffic officer's instructions. Failure to do so is illegal and can result in a fine of up to £1,000, as well as possible driving license suspension or revocation.

When may Traffic Officers require your vehicle to be removed?

- When they think the vehicle recovery procedures you provide are inappropriate or risky, and you are unable to accomplish it in a timely manner.

- When you abandon your car.

- When your car malfunctions or is damaged in a live lane, and it cannot be moved to a safe spot.

To request the removal of a car, traffic officers must be at the scene. Before opting to remove a car, they must, they must confirm that appropriate private recovery arrangements have been made. If your car breaks down or is damaged, move it to a safe location as soon as possible. This would typically be the nearest emergency refuge area or hard shoulder on a motorway. Inform a traffic officer or police officer using the nearest emergency phone if you must leave the car unattended. Along the hard shoulder and in the emergency refuge areas, emergency telephones are positioned at regular intervals.



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