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You're travelling behind a bus that pulls up at a bus stop. What should you do?

A Watch carefully for pedestrians

There might be pedestrians crossing from in front of the bus. Look out for them if you intend to pass. Consider how many people are waiting to get on the bus - check the queue if you can. The bus might move off straight away if no one is waiting to get on. If a bus is signalling to pull out, give it priority if it’s safe to do so.


Peco Jacobs

8 months ago

informative.comprehensive and.helpful

Saranya Shanmugam

8 months ago

Very very useful one..I have passed my theory test with 49/50 in multiple choice.

Terrie Redmond-Lee

8 months ago

Can not praise this app enough! It's incredible and helped me out so much with helping me pass! Thank you so much 😇

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