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You're in a tunnel. Your vehicle is on fire and you cannot drive it. What should you do?

A Switch on hazard warning lights.

It’s usually better to drive a burning vehicle out of a tunnel. If you can’t do this pull over and stop at an emergency point if possible. Switch off the engine, use hazard warning lights, and leave the vehicle immediately. Call for help from the nearest emergency point. If you have an extinguisher it may help to put out a small fire but don't try to tackle a large one.

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If your own car is on fire while you are driving through a tunnel, you should:

- Make use of the hazard lights.

- If you can, drive out of the tunnel. Do not reverse or make a U-turn.

- Drive to a lay-by, an emergency lane, or pull over as far to the nearside as you can if you are unable to drive out of the tunnel.

- Turn off your engine but leave the key in.

- Call for help via an emergency phone.

- Avoid opening the bonnet since it can be hot and might spread the fire.

- Unless the fire has just begun, don't attempt to extinguish it yourself.

- If you are unable to put out the fire, quickly leave through the emergency exits.

- Don't waste time collecting personal items.

- Assist injured people in getting to safety.

What are hazard warning lights?

To alert other drivers that the vehicle is temporarily obstructing traffic, a pair of intermittently flashing indicator lights known as "hazard warning lights" would flash simultaneously. They go by the names hazard lights and hazard flashers as well. Typically, they are turned on by pushing a red triangle-shaped button on the dashboard. Some cars (often European models) have automated hazard warning lights that come on when the car is braking hard or in an accident.

When should you turn on your hazard warning lights?

They are there to alert other drivers that you are a temporary hazard, for instance, if you are changing a tire or have broken down on the side of the road. Use your hazard warning lights if you are being towed. You must use hand signals to indicate direction if you are being towed while utilizing your hazard lights since they take precedence over the indicators.

When is it not appropriate to utilize hazard warning lights?

When you are in traffic, you shouldn't utilize them. You shouldn't be parking illegally, thus you shouldn't be using them to alert other drivers that you parked illegally. Any signaling with your indicators won't be visible if your hazard warning lights are on while you're driving.



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