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Your vehicle has a puncture on a motorway. What should you do?

A Pull up on the hard shoulder. Use the emergency phone to get assistance

Pull up on the hard shoulder and make your way to the nearest emergency telephone to call for assistance. Do not attempt to repair your vehicle while it is on the hard shoulder because of the risk posed by traffic passing at high speeds.

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When your vehicle has a puncture on a motorway, it is important to remain calm and take the necessary steps to get yourself and your car safely off the road. The first step you should take is to move your car as far away from traffic as possible. If you cannot drive any further due to the flat tire, then turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers are aware of what’s happening ahead of them.

Once you have moved out of harm's way, use cones or flares if available in order to make sure no one else gets too close while changing the tire or waiting for help. You can also call roadside assistance services for assistance with changing tires and getting back onto the road again safely. It’s always best practice not try change a tire alone especially when there are fast-moving vehicles nearby – wait until help arrives before attempting anything more than moving out of harm's way!

Finally, once everything is taken care off, be sure check all four wheels regularly - including their pressure levels - in order to avoid similar situations occurring again down line! Regular maintenance will ensure that both yourself and fellow motorists stay safe while travelling along motorways at high speeds.


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1 year ago

Simple to study and it helps me alot to pass my theory test.

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