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Your vehicle breaks down in a tunnel. What should you do?

A Switch on hazard lights then go and call for help immediately

A broken-down vehicle in a tunnel can cause serious congestion and danger to other road users. If your vehicle breaks down, get help without delay. Switch on your hazard warning lights, then go to an emergency telephone point to call for help.

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When your vehicle breaks down in a tunnel, it can be an extremely stressful and dangerous situation. It is important to remain calm and take the necessary steps to ensure your safety. The first thing you should do is turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers are aware of the situation ahead of them. Next, call for help from roadside assistance or emergency services if needed. Lastly, try not to leave the car until help arrives as this could put yourself at risk from any potential hazards within the tunnel such as smoke or fire caused by another accident nearby.

Once you have called for help, make sure that all passengers in your vehicle stay inside with their seat belts buckled until assistance arrives; this will keep everyone safe while waiting for aid to arrive on scene. If possible, move away from traffic lanes but still remain visible so rescuers can easily spot you when they arrive at the scene - if there’s no way out then don’t worry! Just stay where you are and wait patiently! Furthermore, it would also be wise to check whether anyone else has been injured due to a breakdown-related incident before leaving; doing so may save someone's life!

Once rescue personnel have arrived, they will assess what needs to be done next depending upon how serious/minor the issue is - some common solutions include having tow trucks pull vehicles out of tunnels safely or providing jump start kits which recharge batteries quickly (if applicable). In more severe cases, mechanics may need to be sent into tunnels directly in order repair cars right away – whatever happens, remember always follow instructions given by professionals carefully since these people know best about what needs to be done during such situations!



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