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You wish to tow a trailer. Where would you find the maximum noseweight of your vehicle’s tow ball?

A In the vehicle handbook

You must know how to load your trailer or caravan so that the hitch exerts a downward force onto the tow ball. This information can be found in your vehicle handbook or from your vehicle manufacturer’s agent.

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Am I allowed to tow a trailer?
If you took your exam before January 1, 1997, you can drive a vehicle and trailer combination weighing up to 8.25 tonnes in most instances.
If you completed your test on or after January 1, 1997, you may tow a trailer behind a category B automobile without having to take any further exams, as long as the trailer does not weigh more than 750 kg.
If you wish to tow a trailer that weighs more than 750 kg, you can do so behind a category B vehicle as long as the overall weight of the car and trailer does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.
You must pass a practical category B+E exam if you wish to operate a category B vehicle pulling a trailer that exceeds the above-mentioned restrictions.
A four-wheeled vehicle in category B has a maximum permissible mass (MAM) of less than 3.5 tonnes and no more than eight passenger seats.

What are speed limits when towing a trailer?
When towing a trailer or caravan, several speed restrictions are lowered. Unless explicitly indicated, you must not exceed:
30 mph in congested places
50 mph on single-lane highways
60 miles per hour on dual carriageways or highways

You wish to tow a trailer. Where would you find the maximum nose weight for your vehicle’s tow hitch?
It's really difficult to recall all of the car's restrictions. Most individuals have trouble recalling maximum tyre pressures or maximum nose weight.
The maximum nose weight for your vehicle may be found in the vehicle handbook. You must, however, understand how to load your trailer or caravan so that the hitch applies a suitable downward force on the tow ball. It is also available via the car manufacturer's representative.

What safety device must be fitted to a trailer braking system?
When towing, a breakaway cable must be connected to your trailer's brake system. If the trailer becomes disconnected from the towing vehicle, a breakaway cable activates the trailer's brakes. When the trailer comes to a complete stop, the breakaway cable will shatter.

Why is it crucial to have your breakaway system working?
There are several ways for the trailer to become separated from the towing vehicle. An accident or error in attaching the coupler to the ball might cause the safety chains or ball mount to break or fall out of the receiver. If this occurs, the heavy trailer carrying your animals may roll into oncoming traffic or into a ditch and crash on its side. If your breakaway system is functioning properly, the pin pulls out of the switch and activates the electronic brakes —- and the trailer STOPS. This allows you between 10 and 25 minutes to chock the trailer's tires and stabilize it before the battery power runs out.



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