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You will see these red and white markers when approaching _________.

A A concealed level crossing.

If there is a bend just before the level crossing you may not be able to see the level crossing barriers or waiting traffic. These signs give you an early warning that you may find these hazards just around the bend.

Related Information

Level crossings are a common sight on roads, but they can present hazards to drivers if they are not aware of them. This is especially true when there is a bend just before the level crossing, as it prevents drivers from seeing the barriers or waiting traffic until it is too late. To help alert drivers of this potential hazard, red and white markers have been placed around bends near level crossings so that they can be prepared for what lies ahead.

These markers serve an important purpose in keeping both pedestrians and motorists safe at level crossing sites. By providing an early warning sign about the presence of a nearby hazard, these signs allow vehicles to slow down or stop well before reaching any danger zones associated with the crossing site itself. In addition to helping reduce accidents related to sudden braking or unexpected turns at such locations, these warnings also provide pedestrians with more time and space to cross safely without worrying about oncoming traffic passing by too quickly for them react appropriately.

In conclusion, we can see that having red and white markers near bends leading up towards level crossings serves an important safety function by giving motorists advanced warning about possible hazards ahead while simultaneously allowing pedestrians more time in order to create safer conditions for themselves.


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