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You want to park and you see this sign. On the days and times shown you should _________.

A Park in a bay and pay.

Parking restrictions apply in a variety of places and situations. Make sure you know the rules and understand where and when restrictions apply. Controlled parking areas will be indicated by signs and road markings. Parking in the wrong place could cause an obstruction and danger to other traffic. It can also result in a fine.

Related Information

What are controlled parking zones?

An area where parking is only permitted in designated parking bays, and where yellow lines are used to mark off the restricted kerbside space is known as a controlled parking zone (CPZ). Any vehicles parked illegally will receive a parking ticket. When displaying a valid parking permit for the designated bays, residents, their guests, and local businesses can park in that zone. Short-term parkers can also use some spaces, and people with Blue Badges are allowed to park without restriction.

What are the advantages of controlled parking zones?

A controlled parking zone:

- Prevents commuter parking all day

- Lowers the quantity of abandoned vehicles

- Increases vehicle access, especially for emergency and refuse vehicles

- Increases road safety and decreases careless and arbitrary parking

- Generally enhances communal parking conditions

- Encourages the adoption of vehicles that emit little carbon dioxide

Locations and restrictions:

Zones differ in their operating hours and restrictions. Each type of bay has its own restriction sign next to it, which may be placed on a post, wall, or street light column and provides information about the zone, who can use it, and the hours when restrictions are in effect. It's crucial to read this sign before getting out of your car. If the zone entry sign or restriction plate for the parking bay does not specify a time period, such as "Monday-Saturday," the bay is in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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