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You should reduce your speed when driving along this road because _____.

A there is a staggered junction ahead

Traffic could be turning off ahead of you, to the left or right. Vehicles turning left will be slowing down before the junction and any vehicles turning right may have to stop to allow oncoming traffic to clear. Be prepared for this as you might have to slow down or stop behind them.

Related Information

The intersection of a minor road and a major road is known as a staggered junction; however, unlike a crossroads, where the minor road continues directly across from the major road, the points at which the two roads converge are somewhat offset (out of line) by a small distance. The advantages of staggered junctions are numerous. They provide a clear T-junction style on approach rather than extending the road, making it safer because they encourage drivers to slow down or stop before continuing to cross. When approaching a staggered junction, you should:

- Before emerging, wait for a suitable gap. Make sure you have enough space to cross the street without blocking other vehicles. Crossing should only be done when it is completely safe after looking in both directions.

- Watch out for incorrect signals. Applying a signal when it isn't necessary is a common mistake many drivers make at this junction. Wait if a car in front of you indicates before turning while you are on a minor road because many drivers indicate while going straight ahead, which can cause accidents.

- Practice moving off under pressure. At this junction, you will either enter or cross a major road, thus it is crucial that you can pull out without endangering other drivers. When moving off and creating your gap, make sure you have good clutch control and are not prone to hesitation.


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