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You should NOT normally stop on these markings near schools _________.

A Under any circumstances.

At schools you should not stop on yellow zigzag lines for any length of time, not even to set down or pick up children or other passengers.

Related Information

In general, yellow and white zigzag road line markings warn drivers that stopping and parking are forbidden in the zigzag line area.

At all pedestrian crossings in the UK, white zigzag lines are placed on either side of the crossing areas. Since pedestrians will have a clear view of the road in both directions, they will be safer. White zigzag lines are categorized as dual enforcement restrictions, which means both the council and the police have the authority to issue penalties to vehicles parked in violation. The main distinction is that the police fine adds penalty points as well. Zebra crossings first had the white zigzag lines indicating to drivers "no parking" in place in 1971; Pelican crossings got them later, in the 1980s. The enforcement of white zigzag lines that are placed at traffic lights and Zebra crossings does not require a sign.

Yellow zigzag road markings are frequently found outside of school entrances and police, ambulance, or hospital entrances. They are particularly crucial near schools because they give kids a good view of the road to cross as no vehicles will be parked in those spots where the zigzag lines are placed. In order to enable legal enforcement and the ability to issue motorists with a Penalty Charge Notice fine (PCN), a sign describing the restriction or times of restriction must be put in place close to the yellow lines.


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