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You service your own vehicle. How should you get rid of the old engine oil?

A Take it to a local authority site

It is illegal to pour engine oil down any drain. Oil is a pollutant and harmful to wildlife. Dispose of it safely at an authorised site.

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How to Dispose of Engine Oil Safely

Why It’s Important to Recycle Engine Oil

Old engine oil is insoluble and polluted with hazardous compounds and heavy metals. Not only that, but oil degrades slowly, making it one of the tremendous polluters of rivers. This is why you should never dump used engine oil on the ground, down a drain, or into a trashcan. If motor oil gets into a body of water, it is both expensive and difficult to remove. Instead, you must dispose of engine oil by dropping it off at a recycling centre.

Draining Old Engine Oil

If oil is polluted with other substances or chemicals, it is difficult to recycle. Pour old engine oil into a clean container for recycling using a funnel. If you're draining oil directly from your car, cover the ground with newspaper before you start since spills are tough to clean up. Before draining oil from your automobile, make sure the engine is cold.

Dispose of Engine Oil – Recycle

Engine oil may be recycled and repurposed into industrial blast furnace fuel, additives for manufactured products, hydraulic oil, marine oil, and new engine oil. Old engine oil may be cleaned and reused since it never wears out; it only becomes dirty. Because motor oil is toxic, you must get a hazardous waste consignment note to confirm that the oil was properly disposed of when you take it to a recycling bank. You may also recycle your oil filter together with your used oil. You'll need replacement engine oil for your automobile self-service before you recycle your old engine oil.



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