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You see this signal overhead on the motorway. What does it mean?

A Leave the motorway at the next exit

You will see this sign if there has been an incident ahead and the motorway is closed. You MUST obey the sign. Make sure that you prepare to leave as soon as you see the warning sign. Don’t pull over at the last moment or cut across other traffic.

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When driving on the motorway, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and obey all signs. One sign that drivers must always take seriously is “Leave the Motorway at Next Exit”. This warning sign indicates that there has been an incident ahead, causing the motorway to close down. It is essential for drivers to follow this instruction immediately upon seeing it in order not only for their safety but also for those around them on the road.

First and foremost, when a driver sees this warning sign, they should begin preparing themselves as soon as possible by slowing down gradually until they reach a safe speed before exiting off of the highway safely at their next exit point. Drivers should never wait until last minute or pull over suddenly because doing so could cause danger not only to themselves but also other motorists who may have been following behind them too closely.

Additionally, once you have exited off of your designated exit point, make sure you check traffic conditions carefully if you plan on continuing along with your journey onto another roadway such as a local street or highway since these roads will potentially be busier than usual due to high influxes caused by diverted vehicles from closed sections of highways like yours. Taking extra precautionary measures such as being mindful about surrounding traffic conditions after leaving an affected section can help ensure everyone's safety while still allowing people access towards reaching where ever desired destination points are located even during times when certain areas might be blocked off temporarily due to unforeseen circumstances beyond one's control like natural disasters, construction works, etc.


Muhammad faizan

2 years ago


Asif khan khosti

2 years ago

the ever great app

Hubert Cumberdale

2 years ago

Brilliant for the multiple choice bit of the theory. Never looked at the highway code, just went through all of the practice questions in this (free version) over a few hours and passed my test 48/50.

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