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You see this line across the road at the entrance to a roundabout. What does it mean?

A Give way to traffic from the right

Slow down as you approach the roundabout and check for traffic from the right. If you need to stop and give way, stay behind the broken line until it is safe to emerge onto the roundabout.

Related Information

Roundabouts are an efficient way of managing traffic flow, but they can be dangerous if not approached carefully. When approaching a roundabout, it is important to slow down and check for other vehicles from the right. This will help you determine whether it is safe to enter or if you need to stop and give way. If stopping at the entrance of a roundabout, make sure that your vehicle remains behind the broken line until it is safe for you to emerge onto the roundabout itself.

When entering a roundabout, there are several things that drivers should keep in mind: always yield to vehicles already on the circle; use your turn signal when exiting; never change lanes while inside; and maintain speed limits as much as possible while navigating around other cars. It may also be helpful to remember which direction each exit leads so that drivers donโ€™t get confused or lost during their journey through this type of intersection. Additionally, motorists should remain aware of any pedestrians who might be crossing within close proximity - slowing down even further in these instances could prevent serious accidents from occurring near busy intersections such as these ones.

In conclusion, driving safely through a roundabout requires patience and awareness on behalf of all road users involved - both those entering/exiting circles themselves along with nearby pedestrians who may have difficulty seeing approaching traffic due to their limited visibility around curves like this.


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