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You MUST obey signs giving orders. These signs are mostly in _____.

A red circles

There are three basic types of traffic sign, those that, warn, inform or give orders. Generally, triangular signs warn, rectangular ones give information or directions, and circular signs usually give orders. An exception is the eight-sided ‘STOP’ sign.

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What are traffic signs?

Traffic signs, often known as road signs, are signs that are placed beside or above roads to convey directions or information to drivers. The first signs were simply wooden or stone markers.

How can you identify traffic signs that give orders?

There are three sorts of traffic signs: warning signs, information signs, and command signs. Triangular signs often warn; rectangular signs give information or instructions, while circular signs provide orders. The eight-sided stop sign is an exception.

Which signs giving orders must you obey?

You must obey traffic signs giving orders or road signs giving orders which are mostly in red circles. Those with a red circle are the most restrictive. The ‘’Stop’' sign is octagonal to draw attention to it.’

Which sign warns you of a zebra crossing?


"Zebra" crossings are marked on the road with alternate black and white stripes and zigzag lines on both sides. The zigzag lines alert drivers that pedestrians may be crossing or waiting to cross the road. They also inform cars that they must yield to people crossing the street. The crossing is marked by a yellow beacon, which is typically flashing. Follow the road crossing code to the letter. Allow cars enough time to see you, slow down, and stop for you to cross. If required, place a tiny step on the crossing to signal to oncoming traffic that you want to cross. The traffic does not have to stop for you until you step into a "Zebra" crossing. Make certain that the traffic has stopped before starting to cross. You should never cross on the zigzag lines because cars may not spot you crossing on the zigzag lines or anywhere else in the vicinity since their attention is focused on the crossing itself. To cross a road, always utilize a "Zebra" crossing. If you need to cross the street and there is a "Zebra" crossing nearby, utilize it, even if it means walking a little longer. Before crossing, wait until all traffic in both directions has stopped. Check for traffic in both directions and wait until it has stopped before beginning to cross. Cross the black and white stripes directly. Keep an eye out for approaching cars that may be overtaking those who have already stopped before the "Zebra" crossing. If you come to a halt in the middle of a "Zebra" crossing, follow the Road Crossing Code and the regulations and guidelines on this page again. The following section of the crossing is a distinct "Zebra" crossing.


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