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You have third party insurance. What does this cover?

A Damage to other vehicles

Third party insurance doesn’t cover damage to your own vehicle or injury to yourself. If you have a crash and your vehicle is damaged you might have to carry out the repairs at your own expense.

Related Information

Before you can drive your car in a public location, you must obtain motor insurance. It protects you, your car and other drivers from legal responsibility in the event of a collision. It offers monetary compensation for any injuries brought to people or their property.

Types of insurance cover

- Third party only: The law requires that you have this cover. With this level of cover, you can be sure that any injuries to other people—including your passengers—or damage to their property as a result of an accident you cause will be compensated. It doesn't pay for any of your accident-related expenses. The majority of insurance providers provide insurance coverage levels above those required by law. Each company will have a different regulations of what exactly is covered.

- Third party fire and theft: In addition to offering the same coverage as third party only, this policy additionally covers theft or fire damage to your car.

- Comprehensive: This offers the same cover as third party fire and theft. It also protects you if an accident results in damage to your car. Insurance companies offer a variety of additions to this level of coverage, such as supplying you with a courtesy car while your vehicle is being fixed, paying for your legal fees, covering your excess and other uninsured losses, roadside recovery schemes, and vehicle repairs in the event of a breakdown.



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