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You have a collision while driving through a tunnel. You are not injured but your vehicle cannot be driven. What should you do first?

A Switch off the engine and switch on hazard lights.

If you are involved in a collision in a tunnel be aware of the danger this can cause to other traffic. The greatest danger is fire. Put on your hazard warning lights straight away and switch off your engine. Then call for help from an emergency telephone point.

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If you are involved in a collision in a tunnel and your vehicle breaks down, you should:

- Make use of the hazard lights.

- Pull as far to the nearside as you can, into a lay-by, or an emergency lane.

- Turn off your engine.

- Wear a reflective jacket, watch out for other traffic and walk to a safe place. If there’s no safe place, wait in your car.

- Call for help via an emergency phone.

- Help any injured people.


Opeyemi Shanu TV

2 years ago

Great tutor

Tam Montgomery

2 years ago

Easy to read straight forward good at explaining things

Suraj Radhakrishnan

2 years ago

Easy to navigate through and easy to learn

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