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You arrive at the scene of a motorcycle crash. The rider is injured. When should the helmet be removed?

A Only when it is essential

DO NOT remove a motorcyclist’s helmet unless it is essential. Remember they may be suffering from shock. Don’t give them anything to eat or drink but do reassure them confidently.

Related Information

Only take off the helmet if it is absolutely necessary to keep the person's airway clear. If the victim is conscious, you can assist them in releasing the neck strap if doing so makes breathing easier. If they choose to take off their helmet, that is their choice, and they will know how to do so safely. You can undo the victim's neck strap and take off any ties, scarves, or tight clothing around their neck if they are unconscious. Without taking off the helmet, it is typically able to access their face by releasing the visor.

The removal of a person's helmet while they are unconscious requires two people and should only be performed if it is absolutely required to obtain access to the person's face and make sure their airway is unobstructed. If someone has been in a road accident, trying to take off their helmet on your own could endanger them and make their injuries worse, especially if they have suffered spinal injuries. Follow the following steps:

1. Maintain Manual In-Line Stabilisation (MILS). The patient's head is being held by the first person, with their hands on either side of the helmet.

2. The chin strap will be severed using trauma shears by the second person. As an alternative, undo the chin strap.

3. The second person takes over the patient's MILS. Slide one hand to the occiput under the head (rounded back of the skull). With the other hand, hold the jaw while being careful not to squash down on the throat.

4. The first person grasps the helmet at the bottom either side of the head. Before easing the helmet up and off the head, they are to pull outwards (laterally).

5. To get the chin bar past the nose, you might need to tilt the helmet backwards (towards the ground). Never tilt the head while tilting the helmet.

6. The first person takes over MILS by placing hands either side of the head after the helmet has been removed.



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