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You are waiting at a T-junction. A vehicle is coming from the right with the left signal flashing. What should you do?

A Wait until the vehicle starts to turn.

Other road users may give misleading signals. When you’re waiting at a junction don’t emerge until you’re sure of their intentions.

Related Information

Other road users may give misleading signals when driving, which can be a very dangerous situation. It is important to pay attention and make sure that you understand the other driver’s intentions before taking any action. When waiting at a junction, it is essential to remain vigilant and not emerge until you are absolutely certain of the other drivers’ plans.

One way to ensure safety in this type of situation is using your mirrors effectively; check both left and right mirror constantly for any signs from the vehicles around you indicating their intention on whether they are turning or stopping at an upcoming junction. Additionally, if there are pedestrians crossing, then look out for them as well – they could be giving off clues about what direction they intend on going in, so watch out for these too!

It can also help if one makes eye contact with another driver prior to emerging from a junction - this will indicate that both parties have seen each other clearly and understand each other's intentions regarding who has priority over who when proceeding forward into traffic flow. If all else fails, then take extra caution by slowing down or even stopping altogether until it becomes clear what course of action should be taken next! This will greatly reduce chances of being involved in an accident due to someone else's miscommunication through their use of signalling devices such as indicators or hand gestures.


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